Expert Leak Detection
Insurance Claims Agreed
Building Repairs Done By Us

Expert Leak Detection
Insurance Claims Agreed
Building Repairs Done By Us

* You only pay for the leak detection but if your insurance policy has trace and access cover this is usually reimbursed by insurers when the leak is found.  SERVICE SUBJECT TO TERMS OF BUSINESS CLICK HERE.
Hot Water Pipe From Boiler
Buckhurst Hill

The client complained of a lack of hot water in his property and suspected that this was due to a a leak from a hot water pipe which travelled from his boiler within the concrete floor of his utility room to the hot water tap in the sink.  It was not clear where the pipe had failed. 

Client Concerns

The client wished to have hot water working in his house as soon as possible but could not get to the leak as it appeared to be buried in the concrete floor of his utility room which was fully tiled.

The utility room was open plan with the kitchen area and the same type of floor tile ran from the utility room into the kitchen.  It was pointed out to the client that if tiles were broken up to access the leak in one room, the entire space - kitchen and utility room would have to be re-tiled to avoid a mis-match of tiles.  Additionally, as the tiles in the utility room ran underneath units, the client was concerned whether insurers would pay to have all the fitted units removed and reinstated as this is what would be required to re-tile the floor.  What looked like a small leak repair was actually a big job if the client was to have his property exactly restored to its pre-loss condition and avoid a patch up job after his leak was fixed.

How LeakTracersDirect Handled The Claim

We met with loss adjusters on site and discussed the scope of repairs to include necessary trace and access works consisting of excavating a small section of the tiled floor to expose the leaking pipe, followed by uplift of all tiles in the utility room / kitchen area and installation of new tiles.  All proposed repairs and costs were discussed and agreed within 3 days of this meeting as the insurance policy provided for reinstatement on a continuous basis.  Our contractors first attended site to take up the tiled floor and uncover the leak.  Drying machines were installed in the property.  While drying was in progress, the client was shown samples of replacement tiles for his kitchen / utility room. After drying and re-tiling all decorations were completed.

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Leak Position Marked Near To Boiler
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