Expert Leak Detection
Insurance Claims Agreed
Building Repairs Done By Us

Expert Leak Detection
Insurance Claims Agreed
Building Repairs Done By Us

* You only pay for the leak detection but if your insurance policy has trace and access cover this is usually reimbursed by insurers when the leak is found.  SERVICE SUBJECT TO TERMS OF BUSINESS CLICK HERE.
Central Heating Pipe

The client who lived in a semi-detached house noticed her boiler pressure dropping to zero within 30-60 mins after topping up.  As a result she had no heating or hot water.  Some damp was visible in an understairs cupboard but nothing else.  Our leak detection engineer explained that the leak was probably in a central heating pipe and that gas tracing of the leak would allow us to pinpoint the location.  A leak detection survey was done by the client for which she had to pay but as she had trace and access cover in her policy we explained that this should be refundable after the insurance claim was agreed.

Client Concerns

As the position of the leak was at the entrance to her kitchen and given that this area would have to be dug up she was worried that she would not be able to use her kitchen for a few weeks and might need to move out of the property and that this would result in inconvenience and costs.

The second concern was that the leak had caused damage to next door's wall decorations and she was getting complaints from her neighbours.

How LeakTracersDirect Handled The Claim 

Following the leak detection survey, we attended and assessed the trace and access works and repairs which would be needed to get to her leak and complete repairs. After our report went off to insurers, we arranged to meet the insurer's loss adjuster on site to agree the costs of all works to get the property back to its pre-loss condition. We also agreed for hotel costs to be paid by insurers during works.  Our surveyor visited the client's neighbours and offered to assist with sorting out her damage under her own insurance policy but as a no fault claim, with costs to be paid by the client's insurers.  Our contractors carried out repair works to both properties keeping our client and her neighbour both happy.

Leak Position Buried Under
Solid Oak Floor
View of Entire Floor in Living /Dining Area Which had To Be Uplifted
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