Expert Leak Detection
Insurance Claims Agreed
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Expert Leak Detection
Insurance Claims Agreed
Building Repairs Done By Us

* You only pay for the leak detection but if your insurance policy has trace and access cover this is usually reimbursed by insurers when the leak is found.  SERVICE SUBJECT TO TERMS OF BUSINESS CLICK HERE.
Cold Water Feed to Bath Mixer
Swiss Cottage

Signs of water damage were observed in 2 places in a flat within a small block of 30 flats.  Our client was the management company who represented the freeholder of the block in whose name the insurance policy existed.  The occupant of the flat had noticed a wet patch on the ceiling of her living room and also wet plaster on the hallway wall some distance away.  It was not clear whether this was one or 2 leaks and whether they were in this flat or the flat above.

Client Concerns

The managing agents wished to get to the bottom of where the leaks were but wanted minimum disruption to the occupants of both flats while the leaks were being located.

The concern for the occupant of the flat where the damage was observed was that her appliances would have to be removed and openings made in her hallway walls to repair the leak.  Similarly the upstairs flat owner was worried that the concrete floor would have to be excavated to access buried pipes incase the water was leaking from the central heating system.

How LeakTracersDirect Handled The Claim

Our surveyor attended site and highlighted areas for investigation by our leak detection team within the flat where the damage was seen and also in the flat above. The cost of leak detection  was assessed along with costs to deal with the observed damage.  Our findings were presented to the insurer's loss adjusters in a site meeting.  We left the door open at this stage for additional costs to be reported once the results of the leak detection were known.  After leak detection,  it was apparent that there was only one leak incident and that this was in the flat above and was due to a loose connection on the cold water feed to the bath mixer.  This was a fairly simple repair and involved removing and reconstructing the tiled side paneling to the bath in order to gain access for repair.  We installed drying machines in both flats to deal with dampness once the leak was fixed and carried out all plaster and decoration repairs after drying was complete.

Area Investigated Around Damaged
Wall Plaster in Hallway
Source of Leak From Bath
Mixer in Flat Above
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Ceiling Damage in Living Room