Expert Leak Detection
Insurance Claims Agreed
Building Repairs Done By Us

Expert Leak Detection
Insurance Claims Agreed
Building Repairs Done By Us

* You only pay for the leak detection but if your insurance policy has trace and access cover this is usually reimbursed by insurers when the leak is found.  SERVICE SUBJECT TO TERMS OF BUSINESS CLICK HERE.
M. Altman Homeowner, North London
Insured with Aviva Commercial

"We were so pleased by Leaktracersdirect's efficiency and above all by how they looked after me during this difficult period. We had regular updates which was so reassuring and welcome for all parties concerned.  Their builders did a great job."
K. Gor - Landlord, South Ealing
Insured with Towergate Let Properties

"Leaktracers took care of all costs.  I even got reimbursed the initial plumbers costs I had incurred before I appointed them.  I found their service very helpful."
"I was very satisfied with their professionalism.  They took care of everything including carrying out an asbestos test and getting all repair works agreed by insurers.  Their contractors did a great job."
D. Connolly Homeowner, Welwyn Garden City
Insured with Direct Line

"Leaktracersdirect have been very helpful and professional.  The works carried out has been to a great standard.  I would absolutely recommend them to others as they were very efficient."
A. Cumming - Homeowner, South London
Insured with Abacus

Mr McCann Homeowner, St Albans
Insured with Tesco

"Leaktracersdirect have done an excellent job.  I am very pleased and am happy to recommend them to others."
Expert Leak Detection and A Free Service* To Deal With Your Insurance Claim and All Building Repairs
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V. Wuttke Homowner, North London
Insured with Prestige

"Despite there being no visible damage Leaktracersdirect  were able to identify a leak to central heating pipework buried under my kitchen floor. They took the hassle of dealing with the insurance company away.  Their contractors were tidy, polite and efficient"
B. Ievers Leaseholder, Clapham
Insured with Allianz

"After noticing the boiler pressure dropping I required the services of Leaktracersdirect.  They were able to find the leak without causing any destruction to my property and were even able to recover the cost of the leak detection survey from the insurer. The repair works were done to an excellent standard."

J. Michalowska Homeowner, Enfield
Insured with Ecclesiastical

"I had a leak within the floor of my property. I was initially concerned as the flooring ran continuously into multiple rooms but Leaktracersdirect  ensured the full area was included in the claim. The leak was found accurately by the team and the repairs were done quickly and immaculately.  They also showed flooring materials to me prior to installation which gave me confidence in the repairs. They are a team who really know what they're doing!"
D. Taylor Homeowner
Clapham. Insured with Zurich

"Multiple rooms were damaged at my home from a severe leak. Although the property took a while to dry out Leaktracersdirect  ensured this was done properly prior to any reinstatement works. The main works started quickly after drying and the contractor showed a great deal of efficiency and willingness to complete the job to a high standard and in a timely manner. Leaktracersdirect dealt with insurer in full including obtaining reimbursement and disturbance allowances payable to myself."