S. Kyratzis Leaseholder, East London
Insured with Zurich

"After a leak in my bathroom I called Leaktracersdirect. They detected the leak using their non-invasive techniques, negotiated the claim with the Insurer and carried out the works in a prompt manner. The contractors dealt with a very difficult job efficiently and I found them to be very amicable and polite."
D. Bueno Landlord, North London
Insured with Aviva

"I am a landlord of multiple properties and regularly use their service  to deal with claims on my behalf.  Leaktracers  deal with my tenants with no problems and they always provide an excellent  service.  They also negotiate with insurers to get me a loss of rent compensation."
"I was initially concerned that I would lose business as I had a leak into my salon from 2 flats above. Fortunately Leaktracersdirect  found the leak accurately and were able to plan the repair works so the salon was able to remain open. I found the quality of their service and works to be excellent .  They handled everything for me."
E. Beer Landlady, East London
Insured with Ocaso

"As I am based abroad I was having difficulty managing the insurance claim.  Initially my insurers rejected my claim because the leak could not be found.  Then I contacted Leaktracersdirect.  They helped to locate the leaks and assisted in getting the claim accepted by Ocaso.  They did a super job!"
R. Chai Salon Owner
North London. Insured with Axa

J. Andrew Homeowner, Surrey
Insured with Halifax

"The works undertaken were to an excellent standard. The contractors were polite, tidy and turned up on time."
Expert Leak Detection and A Free Service* To Deal With Your Insurance Claim and All Building Repairs
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G. Swart Homeowner, Streatham
Insured with Zurich

"Following a leak from the bathroom of the flat above I contacted Leaktracersdirect to deal with the claim my behalf. After agreeing all aspects of the claim with my insurer they commenced repairs.  Half way through the repairs, I had another leak from the flat above.  They patiently helped me with a 2nd claim and then completed all the works.  It was all done efficiently and sensitively."
O. Eghagha Homeowner, Essex
Insured with Aviva

"Very friendly and accommodating company!"
A. Rathod Leaseholder, Chiswick
Insured with Zurich

"Overall this  was a very pleasant experience and I would definitely use them again."
Expert Leak Detection
Insurance Claims Agreed
Building Repairs Done By Us

Expert Leak Detection
Insurance Claims Agreed
Building Repairs Done By Us

* You only pay for the leak detection but if your insurance policy has trace and access cover this is usually reimbursed by insurers when the leak is found.  SERVICE SUBJECT TO TERMS OF BUSINESS CLICK HERE.
A.Lane Homeowner, SW London
Insured with Co-op

"I just wanted to thank you all for handling my claim for me. You have all been incredibly helpful and have made the rather trying last few months much less stressful than it would have been dealing with the insurers myself. I will definitely spread the word about Leaktracersdirect and Allpropertyclaims and will recommend your company to anyone else I know who ends up in a similar situation. Thanks again!"